7 Salsas

For over 10 years 7 Salsas has been priding itself on a fine mexcian dining experience.


Sun 10:30am -9pm
Mon - Wed 11am to 9pm
Thurs 11am - 10pm
Fri 11am-11pm
Sat 11am-10pm
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The story of 7 Salsas begins in El Compás, a sleepy Mexican town that sits right on the border of three states - Chihuahua, Coahuila and Durango. It was there that Grandma Paulita Villa was born around 1875. Grandma had children in El Compás, which was a poor town. She had no education, no husband, just mouths to feed. What was Grandma to do? Everyone knew Grandma could cook like a Culinary Master Chef and at the suggestion of her friends, she opened the ‘Panaderia’ out of her house. She made and sold Sweetbread and Tortillas through the week. She made Authentic Mexican dishes for the weekends. She would serve them through her window to her friends, and their friends. After a short time, she found herself serving her delights to people coming from outside the town. Her Cha-Cha Chimichanga (shown above), was one of her most popular dishes. Another side note, the sour cream we use today, was roughly goat milk curds then. Anyway, Paulita’s business was growing and she decided to expand. After much thought and prayer, she built a table and put it outside her window. Thus, the first restaurant in El Compas was born! 
Sometime during the first couple of years, Paulita began serving her original recipe Salsa Picante. It was served warm with tortillas and was a favorite of all the Panadería’s customers. Paulita’s recipe has been passed down 5 generations. It lives on today as our “Big Red”. It’s still served warm, just like Grandma’s! 

Why 7 Salsas

So why are we called 7 Salsas? Over the years, we created a few, and borrowed a few, great Salsa recipes. We decided on the 7 most popular recipes (one for each day of the week). These are served daily while they last. So come early and ask your waiter for the special salsas of the day. Oh yeah, we serve Grandma’s warm “Big Red” every day, too! Our business has been built on service. You won’t see any “No Substitutions” signs at 7 Salsas. If you have a special request, we will do everything possible to make you happy. We want you back again and again at 7 Salsas.


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8140 N. MacArthur Blvd.
Irving, TX 75063

Contact Us

T: 972-402-0777 
E: rroviga@yahoo.com

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